Next step after adding subdomain

I’m fairly new to this. :slight_smile: I added a subdomain through the dreamhost panel. It is saying it’s fully hosted, and when I try to access the site, I get the “Upload your website to get started” message.

Errr…what exactly does that mean? I read the article suggested on that page, but I’m still confused. I know enough to sort of get around the FTP server but what files should be added to the directory of the new subdomain? I started copying the folders over from the main domain’s directory, but that might not be right.

I also went through the process of creating a multisite on my WP dashboard before reading that that is more for advanced users (which I am clearly not), so I stopped.

Help please. :slight_smile:
Well I just realized I needed to install wordpress right through the dreamhost panel. I feel sheepish…I might have just solved my own problem.

What sort of website do you want to host on It looks like you’re running wordpress on it now: is that what you wanted to do?

Yes! I figured out that I just needed to install Wordpress through my dreamhost panel. Easy peezy. Site is up and running. thanks!