Newsletter throttling set too high

I used a mailing list software added to the Joomla system and sent newsletters out using SMTP in that software, but the limit was set to 100 per minute in the software (this is before I read the 500per hr message). One list had 1800 email on it. This list was sent partially good but a lot were unformatted with links, images & html formatting missing (it was not a plain text & html sending issue). Would this formatting error occur because of the throttling used with dreamhost or would the emails simply be backed up until sent. There were 1800 newsletters sent out looking very unprofessional and I don’t want it to happen again so I am trying to track down the problem.

Try using an announcement list as there is no limit on the number of recipients.

Although then you will have to get all your members to subscribe to it.

We don’t touch the content of outgoing emails. If your messages were coming out wrong, there must have been something wrong with the script you used to send them.

You might be missing what I’m asking.

If dreamhost/my SMTP server was hit with 100 email per minute when it is throttled for spamming reasons to 8 per minute, what would it do!

Not send them.

I think they are just destroyed, they don’t get placed in a queue. You account may also be looked at due to the high volume of emails.

If my hazy memory serves me well, they get bounced back with some Quota Exceeded message.