Newsletter/html emails

I have a client we are moving over to dreamhost this week. He has been using goldmine and his host provider to send out monthly html emails to between 9,000 and 10,000 of his customers.

I have let him know that dreamhost doesn’t allow this many emails to go out at once, which he is fine with. He is okay with using an external email marketing company. I have done some research, and found intellicontact, good price, etc. But I don’t really know their reputation. Has any other DH user used an email marketing company that they can recommend? We need to at least have the ability to offer opt-in, opt-out features, plain text and html, get reporting knowledge of who opened the email, etc.


I’d suggest finding some IPs that they send mail out from, and check them out at, etc. to get some idea of whether they’re listed by major anti-spam blocklists. You may also want to search google groups for their name in*… and of course ask around.

And, most importantly, make sure you and your client have read (and understand) If these addresses haven’t been confirmed using a confirmed opt-in system, their addresses must be confirmed, even if they already specifically signed up for the mailings (but didn’t confirm their email address at the time).

We allow lists this size in our announcement list system in the panel, though there is no feature for “web bugs” or any kind of statistics on who opened the email.

Thanks Will, good advice. But for the opt-in, they have opted in on the clients current host provider server, but we are moving the client to dreamhost. Are they going to have to opt-in again. Or does it matter if my client is using an external email marketing company to send out the emails?

This is all answered in the policy. The answer depends on /how/ they “opted-in”. If they have already opted-in in compliance with our policy, and you have logs / data to prove this if necessary, there’s no problem. If they haven’t (if you don’t have date/time/IP address of signup, and proof that they used a unique token to confirm the subscription via a web link or email response), then you’d need to confirm, because from our perspective, there has been no “opt-in”.