Newsletter heck =)

I’ve just received 18 newsletters so far…

Are these sent by domains? Accounts? What’s the default “send a newsletter” setting when you sign up a new account or domain?

Looks like I have a panel tweaking day coming up.



I should consider myself lucky then because I only got 2. But then this issue is not particularly content-rich, eh? :smiley:

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I was secretely hoping DH hiccupped and sent it twice or something. Looks like I’m probably spamming myownself. What a looser =|


The default is “send” (you can change this from contact preferences). If I had my druthers, you’d have to sign up specifically (we’re working on this).

Do you have a lot of different actual accounts?

I feel kind of left out coz I didn’t get any. :>

I do have many accounts, I don’t have 18 though, about hald that probably, but a lot of domains plugged in to alll those, some fully hosted, some mirroring. That’s why I wondered if it wasn’t done by domains.


I heard back from Josh. This was actually due to two problems - one was that a screwup caused two copies to be sent, and the other was an issue with multiple accounts.

Shouldn’t happen again.

BTW, what does this mean?

“To thank us for you we’ve automatically added six extra Strictly Business plans to all active hosting accounts with us.”

I know this doesn’t mean each account gets all the services from the strictly business plan added to our accounts (although that would be nice :slight_smile: ). Usually the newsletters are somewhat comprehensible, but this is just too confusing :slight_smile:

btw, I got two messages :smiley:

Todd Eddy