does any know how to set up a newsgroup in outlook?..cant figure it out for some strange mind melding reason…yepper followed directions…but no evail thanks in advance

Not to be one of those annoying people who answers questions without answering, but you might consider finding a different newsreader than Lookout!

Assuming you’re on Windows, a lot of Windows people seem to like Forte Agent / Free Agent…

I’ve heard good things about Xnews as well.

If you’re on a Mac, there are some good newsreaders available for that platform as well.

I can’t answer your question directly since I don’t have Outlook, but perhaps you could let us know what you’re having a problem with so far, and what settings you’re using…

Also note that DH doesn’t offer NNTP service, so you’d need to use your ISPs NNTP server, or that of a third party like supernews.

I have a supernews feed that comes with my speakeasy account, and it works pretty well (btw, if you need a great dsl provider, I’ve been pretty happy with speakeasy so far).

Thank you for the info, I will look into it…sorry for the slow response, children are in need of supervision on the internet. :00