Newly updated files are not appearing on web

I’ve updated a few files ( by use of overwrite in FTP) on Friday, November 23 and on the 26th. These files are not updating the website as anticpated.

My back up versions used in preparing the files are functional on my home drive. As the updates werre relatively small in volume, the file size would not have materially changed.

I used the same FTP process in uploading the new files, chose overwrite. The files appear correct with the upload date and time yet the new content is not displaying on the web.

I’ve refreshed this site approximately monthly for the last year and have not had any difficulty. In checking the wiki and discussion board I’m not seeing the topic. Any thoughts as to next steps?


Just sent you an email to the primary address listed under your account. I’ve taken a look into your user directory and things appear functional, but if you could please reply directly to the email I sent with some specifics, we’ll be glad to continue investigating :slight_smile: Thanks!