Newby - Help setup web site

I can successfully upload files to the website but when I browse the website via IE, I can see all the files listed. Any way to make them hidden and only accessable if you directly link to the file.

Example, I throw a bunch of jpg’s on there and only want people to see them if I give out the direct link.

Example, http:\\image1.jpg

If they go to http:\ they see nothing and if they type in the above example, they see the image.


Upload a text file to the directory with the images and name it .htaccess

Yes the filename begins with a period; you might not be able to create it in Windows so name it something like htaccess.txt, upload it, and then use your FTP client to change it to .htaccess on the server.

This file needs to have the following line:
Options -Indexes
This line tells the server not to display a list of files inside a directory.

In a URL, the separator is a slash, not a backslash. The correct example is:

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Excellent, I just tried that out and it worked beautifully.
Appreciate the help.

Another if you don’t mind.

Any way to still hide all the files, but have it default to an html file?

Example file. weather.html
When I type in I’d like the weather.html page to show up.

Thanks again.

Google to the rescue. I just searched for help on the .htaccess and found you do the following…

DirectoryIndex /weather.html