Hi all
I’ve been having a problem with adding content. It seems happy enough to add or change title name etc … but the actual content doesn’t get saved …
what is going wrong?

Please help …


I think you will need to post a bit more info if you want an informative answer, what are you posting content in for instance would be a good start.

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I’ve just got joomla installed … so I’m trying to use the web browser to add content to a live site using the Content Items Manager in Joomla admin. Like adding a news item or welcome blurb … maybe a little icon possibly a small flash file … whatever. the point is when I create a new or edit an old file the title info shows the changes I made but not the actual content … which dissapears completely ?? Is there a quick fix.
the site is on it’s own domain … is it a directory issue … why does the title change and not the content …