I’m trying to install Wordpress and first of all, I’m unsure if I should do the “simple” or “custom” installation. Any help there?

I tried the custom and I continually get an error that my directory is not empty. It tells me to correct it and resubmit the wordpress installation request, but I’m not sure how to correct it.

Hope someone can help, thanks.

“simple” files are located in a central repository, you have no access, nor can you install your own themes or other scripts.

“custom” files are located in your web directory, and you can install all the themes, scripts, customizations, etc that you want to.

In short, always answer custom… (some of us wish they would do away with ‘simple’ or at least call it something else like ‘central’-- calling it ‘simple’ leads every newbie to pick ‘simple’)

You get the directory empty error when you try to install to root instead of a folder because the installer robot puts a couple files there when you create the domain, like empty favicons etc… the problem is those come back fairly quickly when you delete them.

Thank you so much for your response.
So it is ok for me to make a sub folder to install it into? It doesn’t need to be in the root folder?

Correct. and even if you install it in a sub-folder and later decide you want it to appear like it’s in the root folder ( vs. that can be done by editing your .htaccess file.

I created a subdomain wordpress blog but had clicked “simple”. With your recommendations I see on this post, I want to change it to “custom” but have no idea how to do this?

Should I delete it and the go through “one click” again? Will I still be allowed to use the sub domain or is it lost forever etc?..

Delete the Simple and create a Custom. Deleting the Simple will free up the subdomain, though it make take a little bit for the subdomain record to clear from the system.

@ sdayman - will do it, thanks :slight_smile:

Can I jump in to this week old thread?

About the custom wordpress install. Instalingl the wordpress files to a subdirectory but moving the main fle to root. Will this break the ability for the one-click to update the install since some settings need to be changed. I am referring to something like this.

I found this in the wordpress dreamhost wiki.

“Note that moving a WordPress installation within your own account will prevent you from using the “one-click” upgrade facility of the control panel (as your installation is no longer where the “one-click” installer put it), and you will have to perform subsequent upgrades yourself.”

So to clarify my question. I am going to install wordpress to a subdirectory then move the index page to the root as noted in the above link. Since wordpress is still in the same place I installed it to will the one click update work?