Newbie - Wordpress

So I ordered a domain from GoDaddy - and then went with Dreamhost for hosting. I think I transfered everything correctly - but not sure. When I go to Manage Domains - I see my domain and it says ‘fully hosted’ So I assume it worked.

I think installed Wordpress using the 1-click. I got an email that said it was successful and then proceeded to give me instructions on what to do next.

The first one said

  1. Please create an admin user at:

but when I click the link - i go to the GoDaddy landing page for my domain. I see nothing about creating an admin user. Non of the links in the welcome email work. How do I setup and/or access the Admin page for Wordpress?

It takes about a day for DNS server changes to take effect.

The WHOIS info still points to It should be set for ns1 and Double-check at GoDaddy that you’ve changed the DNS servers to use instead of their default setting.

GoDaddy sucks. Just a FYI, if you used Dreamhost to register the domain it takes a very short time for any changes to take place PLUS you are not bombarded will a million ads a strange use interface like GoDaddy has.

I think GoDaddy makes sure changes take many house to give their ads more exposure time on YOUR domain.