Newbie with a couple questions


Hello everyone,

I have had some experience with other hosting companies maintaining a Wordpress site and several HTML sites that I built. Now I have started a DreamHost account, and wish to maintain a couple of sites that I will build in Joomla.

I am not sure where to begin, so I wanted to post here and hopefully get some direction.

Q1) I didn’t get my free domain name at the time I signed up. Where do I go to select that now?

Q2) Once that is selected, it seems that I will need to attach my Joomla install to a domain. Will it then work with other added domains, or is it a separate install for every domain you host?

Q3) Is there a post here that has a walk-through or pointers for the Joomla install? I don’t get the option for a Simple Install - only the Custom Install, and that freaks me out a bit.

Q4) Where can I find a post that gives me more info on how to add and setup other domains?

Q5) Can I put up one of the websites as an HTML site and then rebuild it later in Joomla?

Thank you all in advance for your help. I am very unsure of myself as I proceed, so any help/direction is greatly appreciated!


  1. you get a 9.95 credit that you can use to either transfer your domain registration to dh or just register a brand new domain. just go to domains=>registrations or reg.transfer. you do not have to change registrars if you do not want to but those two things are how you would take advantage of the ‘free’ registration. if you already have your domain and do not want to transfer from your current registrar you will need to update your nameservers at your other host to point to dh servers,

  2. i am sure there is probably a better article in the wiki but this is relevant as it should be the same process as far as moving from another webhost (instead of your own local copy)

  3. i wish to god DH would get rid of every simple install option if there is a custom option possible because it confuses the noobies and is really useless feature. simple install does not mean easier. both only take a couple of clicks. a simple install makes you install to a sub-directory and also it puts the files in a central location that you cannot access which means you cannot do things like add new themes etc. you want to do a custom install. it lets you pick the domain or you could put it in a subfolder of your domain and that’s it. you would be able to modify your own files unlike with a simple install.

  4. its pretty straightforward. you should really orient yourself to the dh control panel. manage domains is in the toolbox (top left) and its pretty self-explanatory.

  5. you can put up your website however you like and change it however you like afterwards. it is up to you. it is my personal opinion that if you plan on having a dynamic website with information constantly changing you should just go with a content management system like drupal or joomla but i prefer drupal over others. its not newbie friendly though like joomla but i am sure it would take you a bit to get use to any cms if you have not used one before. using wordpress will probably be quickest for you to get the hang of at first though and it would allow you to get your content ‘out there’ the quickest. some people only use that to create their sites even though it is primarily blogging software. you cannot find a better suited piece of software for that purpose but it is still lacking as far as a robust cms like drupal or joomla.


Only thing I will add to this is that if when you attempt to register the domain the dropdown says “1- yr $0.00” then you are using your free domain credit. If the dropdown says “1- Yr $9.95” then you are being charged for the registration and will be expected to pay for it to complete the transaction.