Newbie to FTP

Hi everyone.I’m a newbie to both cloaking and FTP.I viewed the spidercode tutorial on FTPing my cloaker files to my hosting account but i must have done something wrong;On “my site” there’s no “public_html” so i can access my cgi bin so as to transfer my files there.I’m new to all of this so i’d appreciate some help.

as far as a public html folder, that would be the one named after your domain -

You don’t need a cgi bin, as long as the files have an extension of .cgi or .pl they will run from anywhere in your web-accessable area.

–Matttail - personal website

You should be aware that cloaking techniques are frowned apon by the search engines and using them may very well get your sites banned and removed from their indexes, ultimately having exactly the opposite effect that you expect.

The public_html directory is not used at DreamHost, instead each domain (or sub-domain) you host will have a corresponding directory in your home directory, this will have the same name as your domain. For example, if your domain is, the corresponding directory will also be named this is where your site files should be placed.

Here at DreamHost, you do not need to place your cgi files in a cgi-bin directory, but you can create this directory yourself (in your domain directory) and place your cgi files within it if you wish.


Edit: Beaten by matttail, I must remember not to get distracted while typing forum replies :slight_smile:

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