Newbie to DreamHost



I have just signed up with DH and I have no clue where to start first. How do you view your file directories? Do you have to install PHP and Apache manually by yourself? Also, how much does it cost to get an Unique IP cause I need it for SSL.

Thank you all


Welcome to DH!

The first thing you want to do may be to get familiar with DH’s control panel. DH wiki is our great friend. You can find a lot of useful information over there.

You can view your files either via SSH or FTP. The easiest way is to use FTP via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> WebFTP/FTP.

The files structure in DH is something like this: /home/username/ All you files should be put into “” folder.

Be careful with WebFTP and FTP. If you use WebFTP, you will go into “” folder. If you use FTP, you will go to username folder and see three folders “Logs”, “Maildir”, and “”. Remember to put the files inside “” folder.

No, you don’t need to install yourself. They are already installed.
You can change PHP version of your domain via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> Web Hosting --> Edit

According to DH’s website on 19th of Jan, 2008, it is $3.95/mo


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Thank you for the reply. The PHP 5.2.2 is it stable to use than the PHP 4.4.7?


They’re both stable. Some apps are written for PHP5 and some for PHP4.



It would be advisable to use scripts that were written with the ability to run on PHP5 if you’re just starting out.
PHP4 is redundant, thus no patches will be made for it by the Developers.


Is there a way where you can edit the content in the files which I have uploaded to the dreamhost ?


You can edit via the shell (emacs, vi, whatever). But I use BBEdit (via Transmit) which technically downloads it, edits, then re-uploads it transparently.



Sorry for not being clear. What I meant was can I go to the files in the dreamhost panel and edit files there? Also, Is there a way I can access files in the Panel ?


The Manage Domains WebFTP link for your domain will let you View, Edit, and Open your files. Not exactly The Panel, but pretty close, as it’s also browser based.



If you want to edit the files remotely, you may consider SSH. You can use Putty to connect to your server and vi editor to edit your files directly at server. If you are not familiar with shell commands, you may have to go back o WebFTP.

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Thank you
I have another question.

I’ve created a database and I try to put the host name as localhost, but it wont allow ?


That is correct; you cannot use “localhost” as a hostname on Dreamhost. :wink:

Your hostname should be in the form of a subdomain of a site that you host on DreamHost (mysql.yourdomain.tld, mysqlhost.yourdomain.tld, justaboutanything.yourdomain.tld, etc.)



Thank you very much.


You are very welcome! :slight_smile: