Newbie Questions

I apologize in advance for the undoubtedly rookie like questions but I’m apparently blind and missing something obvious.

I recently purchased a domain and hosting from DH. I am fairly new to the building site of websites and mainly have done content creation and forum management for websites in the past so the actual installation and file management processes are new to me.

I purchased my domain and did the easy one click install for WordPress. It is now hosted at I changed my theme to Fluidityrs and created some various pages. I now need to edit the front page of this theme as it has tabs/links to various pages like ‘about’, ‘contact us’, and others. I can’t seem to do this from the control panel. Is there a way to edit this page from the control panel? I’m using WP 3.0.0.

Next, I had some issues connecting with FTP but finally got that figured out. However, when I connect I can’t seem to find a directory for wordpress either in the root or in the mydomain directories. Am I missing something blatantly obvious here? I’m assuming this is where I need to go to edit the front page of the blog.

Thanks in advance for your help and again, sorry for the dumb questions.

If the theme itself doesn’t have options to set these tabs, you’re out of luck.

It’s because the Easy one-click won’t let you modify the files for your site (except for CSS). They’re on a centralized web server that users don’t have FTP access to. Delete the Easy version and re-install the Advanced One-Click. But first, set up a Fully Hosted Domain under Manage Domains. This will create the FTP directory the Advanced One-Click needs for installing WordPress.

And they’re not dumb questions, just an unfortunate byproduct of the Easy One-Click installations.

Thanks for the reply, that helps a lot. I’m not completely blind. :slight_smile:

Where would I find the theme options to set these tabs? I would be hard pressed to think they would put these tabs in place and not have a way to link to them from the cp, though ya never know.

Edit: Oh, I can edit the stylesheet but I’m not proficient with it though I’ve used the find function to try and find these links if they are on the stylesheet somewhere, but can’t seem to find them. Would that be where I would change it?[hr]
Went ahead and deleted the install. I just set it up through the advanced method and selected the directory I’m guessing that’s what I should be using, if it matters. I’d still be interested in the answer to the above question just for future reference, but I think I’m good to go for the moment. We’ll see how things go from here.

Thanks again for your help.

The stylesheet only modifies the style, and not the content. It’s for things like position, fonts, and colors.

You probably don’t want to put it in /wordpress if it’s your main site. Leave of the /wordpress part and it will come up when people visit your domain, rather than your domain/wordpress/

Yeah, was just noticing that. Thanks again.