Newbie question: view site before domain transfer

In the process of transferring current site content to dreamhost, I’d like to check everything’s working before starting the domain transfer. How can I view the site before this happens?


I like easy questions:

:slight_smile: thanks.[hr]
OK, I have another question. The setup procedure suggests mirroring. Does this mean files from the current (Siteground) site are copied over to dreamhost for me? I ask because I’ve already done this.

and another. I tried locally switching to Dreamhost’s DNS (os x), it seemed simpler and quicker. The instructions seem a little out of kilter with my 10.6 networking prefs but I’ve added to the top of the DNS server list under the advanced/TCP/IP tab but I’m pretty sure I’m still going to the current Siteground location. I’ve also tried switching the DNS on my router to the same and setting it to manual. Am I missing something?[hr]
Set explicit IP in /etc/hosts. That worked so I’m good now. Thanks.

Please don’t do this. Our nameservers only have data for domains that we host, so setting them as your primary nameserver will cause problems if you try to access any domain that isn’t hosted with us.

Ah, sorry. It was taken out almost immediately because it didn’t work.

My network panel seems different to the description on your wiki page. I’m not that familiar with earlier versions of OS X but I think things may have changed in 10.6

I am curious. I am changing from Siteground to DreamHost. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get my site up. On Siteground it expects the files to be in \public_html. Unfortunately, the setup is different on Dreamhost. Do you have any recommendations or can you share how you got your site to work? I am using a joomla site

It looks like you copied all the files over, but your DNS is still pointing to Siteground. Since the siteground page is now a holding page, you may as well just switch the DNS over and we can debug live.

Otherwise you can make a dreamhosters site (as mentioned on ) and test it out there.