Newbie question about Statistics Panel

Statistics Panel it´s very great and show a lot of statistics, but i only want know how many distinct ip´s visit me daily.

Where is it into “Statistics Panel” ?

If you are referring to the Analog statistics provided for each domain, daily reports are not enabled by default.

To enable daily statistics, go to Status -> Site Statistics in the panel, click the small ‘wrench’ icon for the relevant domain, tick the Analog Day Report check box, then click the Change Web Report Settings Now button.

Once you have enabled daily reports and sufficient time has passed, you will be able to see unique IP addresses that have accessed the site under the Distinct hosts served: field, near the top of each Analog report page.


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Ok, thanks a lot for help, you rocks! :smiley:

Hey!, i can´t see daily ip´s visit my website in statistics panel.

I activated Analog Day Report 1 week ago.

You can see here:

What´s happens ???