Newbie problems

I’m having several issues which I am just too thick to sort out:

I am using Rapidweaver on the mac to create a couple basic websites.

One problem I am having is that one of the sites, loses the formatting/theme when uploaded. It looks fine in RapidWeaver but it looks like a word processor document on-line (just text and images right justified, with no theme elements). Any ideas?

Would you mind posting a link to the site?

I checked your site. All the css files are missing in your website. Please check the link path to those files.

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Ok. Thanks for taking a look. Unforturnately, beyond knowing that css means cascading style sheets, I do not know how to check the link paths.

sux being a noob. “Why won’t my car go?” “Umm, you’re missing the wheels.” “Wheels?!? Where do I get wheels from?”

At least now that I know what the problem is, I can check the Rapidweaver forums for a solution. I see that someone else had the same problem and it was the same issue.

I have previously tried marking the pages as changed, clearing the cache and re-publishing but still had the same problem. Well, at least I know where to focus my attention. Thanks again!!

I think you have removed your web pages.

To correct the errors, look at the similar codes in the header of the file like:

The name within href is the full path name to your css file. For the given example, the menu.css file resides in import folder. You have multiple css files. Please check the path names to all the css files and correct them and you should get your problem solved.

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Thanks for the tips!

I was finally able to fix the problem by clearing the publishing cache, marking the pages as new and re-publishing. I had done that before in Rapidweaver, but the mistake I made was doing it on a page by page basis (by right clicking each page). Rather than through the File menu.

Once cleared the cache for the whole site, marked the site as new and republished (after clearing out the domain’s folder), the site went up with style sheets intact - as best as I can tell anyway.

Your post reminded me to forward the .net to the .com domain.

Thanks again for identifying the problem!

Oops… I forgot about the cache. Sometimes you do need to refresh the cache.

I’m glad you solved your problem!

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