Newbie problem: Can't find server error

Hello Everyone!

I feel bad about asking this question, but I’ve searched and cannot find an answer…I have signed up for Dreamhost about 5 days ago.

I forwarded my domain: from and put in the DNS settings as sent by Dreamhost. Today (about 3 hours ago) I managed my domain in Dreamhost and selected ‘fully hosted’ options.

When I click on visit from my manage domain management page, it gives me the same cannot find error. In my root of directory I have placed a holder index.html page (says ‘apex moms coming soon’).

But alas I cannot see it??? I also cannot access my wordpress/…/install.php file either (redirects to the same error page).

Can anyone let me know what I am doing wrong? I hope I included enough information?!

Thank you very much!

A few things. WHOIS does show that it’s hosted here, but I don’t think that information has fully propagated. However, it’s not even showing within DreamHost. I suggest double-checking your Fully Hosted settings that it’s really

If everything looks good in the panel, contact Support. The changes should have fully taken effect in 5 days. Especially internally to DreamHost.