Newbie~Newbie Alert

I have been around the blogging and website trade for a few years but WordPress has always been a stumbling block for me. I found a great theme at GraphicRiver and I bought it… yes… then I realized I needed to go premium… So I found DreamHost as a preferred hosting company, bought a new domain (2 yrs) and now I want to upload the WP Theme via OneClick Install. I don’t have a domain in the select menu so I am guessing I am waiting on the wheels to turn to get the domain active.

I run head long, feet first and then go ‘Oops!’ … lolol Been like this for at least 50 of my 60 years so now … I am waiting… or giving it my best shot anyway. :slight_smile:

Does anyone have a WP site here on DH? Anyone willing to point me towards a manual… thread… ebook… webite… blog post… anything that will make the whole thing clearer?

Thank you so much…

Go to the “Manage Domains” page in the panel and add the domain you registered there, (There is an Add button near the top), then it will be in the one-click installers drop-down menu.

If the link in the email from the one click installer gives you an error then don’t do a thing, just wait 4-6 hours and try again. DNS does take time and dreamhost doesn’t warn ya that it might take longer than the one click installer says to actually be working.

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Go to the “Manage Domains” page in the panel and add the domain you registered there, … [/quote]

Thank you for your quick reply!

When I went to the “Manage Domains”, my domain was there…along with the FTP info. I paid for the 1st month hosting (month to month), so… there is the: DNS | Visit | WebFTP | FTP | Add IP…

I went to “visit” and it appears I am being asked to register for a WP blog… or do I need to do this in order to then be able to upload the theme?

(I realize these questions may seem elementary but I do get the feeling I have put the cart before the horse… perhaps this would have made more sense had I started with the WP blog initially… but I have 2 blogs and neither of these are what I am wanting to do here…)

FileZilla is the FTP program I have a little bit of experience using.

Your assistance and patience is very much appreciated LakeRat!


So the web hosting column says “Fully hosted…”, and you got the one click installer to work? It should have emailed you giving you some instructions and a URL to visit to complete the installation. Once you have the basic WP site up, log in with your admin user and upload the them via the dashboard, or externally using filezilla (which is an entirely different process, but either should work).