Newbie needs help

Hi, I have setup a new account with dreamhost and registered a domain name on the 15th.

However, until today, I am not able to ping this domain name. Should I be adding an ipaddress for this domain in dns? If so, where can I find this ip?

Did you register the domain name with dreamhost also? If so, go to “manage domains” in the panel and add it there as “fully hosted”. That will create the neccesary DNS entries for you. (Note: DNS propagation will take time after you do this usually less than 12-24 hours)

Hi Lakerat, thank you for the reason. Apparently my domain was not setup in the dns after registration, so the support had to add it for me. I have another question.

I have registered with dreamhost. And I have a wordpress site that’s currently at with a different host. I want to move this WP site over. So what I want to do is to create a folder called /home/USERNAME/Domain2Blog and point to that folder. And once the blog’s working, I want to add into dreamhost and have it go to /home/USERNAME/Domain2Blog. Can you let me know if this is do-able at dreamhost since I can’t seem to find the setting to create a subdomain to a specific folder.

When you go to manage domains in the panel and press the big “Add New Domain / Bub-domain” button at the top of the page, one of the fields on the form on the next page is “Web directory:” This will normally default to end in whatever you typed in the first blank on the page. So when you add it would normally be located at /home/USERNAME/ BUT if you wanted to you could change it right there to /home/USERNAME/Domain2Blog.

The question really is why you want to do this? There is no need, and it will mean anytime you ask a question that you have to remember your setup is non-standard and how to translate.

If your just trying to use domain1 as a place holder then follow these instructions to get your site up and running by adding and mirroring it. (the way most people do what i think your trying to do.)

Hi, Thanx for the help. I think I am just not used to Dreamhost’s control panel yet (I used to work for a windows’ hosting company).

I was simply trying to bring a WP blog over. But would like to test it out before making dns changes. That’s the main reason why I want to keep the folder name for the site to be Domain2Blog (using my previous example).

I will look into what does mirror site do.


Mirror site basically allows you to add your domain name within dreamhosts namespace. It means if you are on the dreamhost network its accessible to you. But even as customers we aren’t actually on that side of the wall.

One possible method, is to reconfigure your computer to use dreamhost’s nameservers (instead of the default supplied by your isp), and/or add a temp entry to your computers HOSTS file. The limitation with that method is that it is a single computer solution.

With a mirror basically what you do is establish on dreamhost network, but the DNS doesn’t yet point to that space. Add a mirror and it’s essentially clones the DNS so that you can access that under another name.

With either your method or with the mirror method, you still have to watch how links are created. Or moresimply when you are ready to change the DNS just do a search and replace in your MySQL database via phpMyAdmin. you would be searching the mirrored temporary domain name and replacing it with the permanent domain name.