Newbie needs help with setting up CDN Properly

I am using PrestaShop to create my store.
Using a CDN to deliver my product images would GREATLY help to speed up my store with over 7,000 products.

In DreamObjects I have created a bucket, and set it to public.
Do I download the “img” folder ( that stores all my images) via FTP to my computer, and then upload it to my bucket?
(I’ll be using CyberDuck to upload the files to my bucket).

And then enter the server name of my bucket on the backend of my store under media servers?

Do I leave the original “img” folder on the server where it is? How do I update the bucket if I add new images to the original “img” folder via FTP?

Is there a way to sync my original “img” folder on my host server to my bucket so my bucket is updated when the original “img” folder has new images FTP’d to it?

I’m just confused and want to do it right the first time and not mess it all up

Please ignore the above request. I figured it out all by myself :slight_smile:

Glad you got it figured out!