Newbie Needs Help With Everything

Ok, so I am brand new with Dream Host and with Wordpress. I did the instant install for Wordpress, but that’s as far as I’ve come.

I have a blog on Blogger I set it up in DreamHost to use that domain.

I downloaded Wordpress and it’s on my computer but I don’t see any way to execute it. I have been reading that I need an FTP to upload my files to DreamHost.

I’m so confused. I’m so used to Blogger. I’ve been reading the Wiki’s but it seems like another language.

A long time ago I used FTP’s to upload to a blog I kept back in the way back days before Blogger.

WordPress installs and runs on your Web site. If you’re not comfortable with settings for MySQL databases, usernames, passwords, etc. I’d suggest you just use the One-Click Installs in the DreamHost Panel. You don’t have to fret over FTP, etc.

In fact, I use One-Click from time to time on a site just for convenience, even though I can do it manually.

But if you wish to try it yourself, read these docs at WordPress:

I ran that One-Click but I didn’t get anything else. Nothing. Just shows it’s installed. Aren’t I suppose to get an email or something? I don’t know how to launch WP.

That’s strange. You are supposed to receive an email about the One-Click install with a lot of information and links for more details; that’s what I get when I use it. Maybe you should file a support ticket to find out what happened. Or check your spam folder. :slight_smile:

Ok, let’s make this easy. How do I log into WP Dashboard?

So it would be: You need to use the login username and password you specified when you ran the install.

But you’d have to point the domain to the DreamHost servers for that to work. When I tried your site, it looked like existing content had already been set in your other blogging software.

If i do that address with my domain it takes me to Blogger.

Yeah, and I’d suggest you ask the support people for help to take you further through this. I’ve done a zillion WP installs, but never used Blogger.

Ok, the email says that WP was installed, the link to set up admin takes me to Blogger and says “Page not Found.” [hr]

You should check your DNS settings. That’s clearly why you’re going to your Blogger site.

Thanks Gene. I do appreciate you trying to help me. I’ll ck out your website and catch you on Twitter.[hr]
Maybe I can hire someone to do it. I’m looking into that option.

Ok, just an update. I heard back from support and they’ve given me a clearer path to get things working. As you said the domain was not pointed to DreamHost. To fix this I have to contact my current registrar. So, I think with these tips I can get going on my own. I appreciate the help here and patience.

Also, I posted that they offered a 2 month’s for free, but that wasn’t correct. It was 2 weeks. Just wanted to clarify my error and let you know that support was pretty fast and detailed.

Glad to hear you’re on the road to success. :slight_smile: