Newbie, moving domain and need to work on website

Complete newbie but somewhat functional.
Here is what I am trying to accomplish:
I have a website hosted elsewhere I want to replace.
I want to build the new website here and move domain to DreamHost once it’s ready to go live.
I purchased a StudioPress Agnecy Theme with Genesis Framework but can’t access the WordPress panel here to upload, I get an error saying WordPress is already present…but I can’t access it.

Please help, any suggestions will be so appreciated.

Most likely the most asked question in this forum (although it’s been a few weeks perhaps)

Thank you for the help, with it I was able to Mirror my site, now I’m searching for how to access the page to upload WordPress and the StudioPress Theme. I know it has to be in the forum and wiki but my search keywords haven’t been successful.

Once your DNS is changed you would normally specify your domain name as the address or host for FTP or SFTP. As an alternate to that you can also use

Okay, does this allow me to leave my old site live with the old host while I build a new site here and switch to it once completed?


When you said you were able to mirror the site what did you mirror it to? If it is your original site then that’s not quite right, but I’m lead to believe by this follow-up question that may be the case.

In short, what should have happaned so far:
1 - add your domain in the dreamhost panel as fully hosted. You will either add it to an existing ftp user, or create a new ftp user during this process. If you can go to ‘manage domains’ in the panel and see your domain listed as ‘fully hosted’ then this step is complete. The ftp user that you should use will be listed there.
2- mirror your domain. Since accessing your domain from outside of Dreamhost will point you to your old site, you create a mirror that points to the dreamhost site that can only be accessed at this point via dreamhost’s DNS.

If you did a one-click install and then mirrored that you are in great shape. Then look up your SERVERNAME via the “account status” link in the panel. Next FTP/SFTP to and log in with the username found on manage domains.
After logging in you will be in your home directory, you should see a directory listed within named the same as your domain name, that is where your WP files will be found (with perhaps another directory in the chain depending how you installed it).