Newbie--mencoder install

Hi everyone: the guy I hired to install mencoder for my youtube clone script (flixware) says he needs ssh access to do this. Has anyone here had any experience trying to install mencoder (mplayer) scripts? What’s the best way to do this without root access? Thanks!–mad

Then I suggest you set him up with as a shell-enabled user so that he can get to work. Contol Panel-> Users should get you there; make sure you enable shell-access for that user.

It appears that it has been done. Here is how one guy did it.


If you’re looking for server setup services for the following on dreamhost:

  • autoconf
  • LAME
  • ffmpeg
  • GD2
  • mplayer+mencoder
  • flvtool2
  • libogg
  • libvorbis
  • PHP
  • ffmpeg-php

please get in touch with me.

I have setup close to 75 youtube clones (some clip-shares, a few social media, ostube, alstrasoft, vshare and a couple of custom made scripts as well) on Dreamhost shared hosts and they work great.

I configure to make sure that the shared server resources are not overshot so you do not face the dangers of getting shut down by the host while at the same time the script works for you.

You can read more about the requirements here:

Warm Regards

I was the one that linked the original poster to your site, but thanks for adding your post to the thread! :wink:


Thanks a lot for the link, I had a bit of time today and was going through the forum trying to promote the server setup service. Thanks again and hope to work with you sometime.