Newbie issues

So I registered a domain at the end of June and never got around to messing with it. I finally tried to check my webmail, upload files via ftp, then via webftp. I can log on to the control panel at dreamhost, but I can’t check my email and get permission denied when trying to webftp something over. Using SmartFtp, it won’t grant me access either.

Any thoughts…


Have you added the domain to your account via Manage Domains?

Well I don’t rememeber doing that myself… I believe it was already on there when I first logged in.

When I click on manage domains, the one I registered is listed. (

Is this what you mean?

The only thing I can suggest then is check you’re using the correct username and password. Other than that, try contacting tech support.

Are you using the correct log-in details?

Remember, your FTP log-in may not be the same as your admin panel log-in, you should use the username/password assigned to the user that controls the domain.


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Hey I joined DH just a couple of days ago and have had the same problems with email. I keep getting login error messages. I’ve just submitted a support ticket and will wait patiently for a response.

Otherwise, loving DH. Support response times have been fast so far and everything else seems to be going a-okay. Glad I transferred over from my previous webhost who just went through huge changes, causing some problems… meh.