Newbie hoping for some help

Hello everyone,

First, thank you in advance for any help. I signed up with dreamhost several days ago, and registered my domain with them at the same time. At the moment, I don’t have any plans for a fancy website. I just wanted a space to upload family pictures, etc. for people I know to download.

In other words, all I want is a simply directory listing of the files. However, when I go to, nothing is showing up, even though I have uploaded the pictures. On the FTP site, I went into the folder called, and created a directory called pictures. Within the folder, I created two subdirectories, called /friends and /family. These two subdirectories are where I uploaded the files.

However, when I go to, nothing comes up! I get a “the page cannot be displayed” page. I searched on the web, and I found instructions telling me to create a public_html directory and to check my permissions. I did both, but I still can’t see anything.

Again, all I want to accomplish is to go to, and be able to see the listing of directories, which the user can go through and click on the various pictures. Please help. Thank you again!

DNS has probably not been completed yet. What is your domain name?

btw – public_html directory is not needed.

yerba# rm -rf /etc

It is possible that you did not wait long enough for your domain name to propagate across the internet. It sounds like you did everything right the first time. When loging into your account via ftp, you will see a folder that has your domain name. Anything inside that folder will be visable to the world. Therefore creating a folder inside your domain name folder will be displayed as a folder in your index. If you wish to have a web page, name your first page index.html, then when anyone accesses your domain name the web page will display instead of the index.
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Thank you both very much for the reply. I wanted to reply sooner, but as you both suggested that DNS not propagating yet was probably the problem, I wanted to give it a little while before I asked any other questions. However, it has now been 4 (almost 5) days, and the site is still not coming up. The address is Thank you again for you help so far! I appreciate it greatly.

You should contact support through the web panel, and flag it as “Site Down” and mention that it appears to be a DNS issue.

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Yeah, contact support. Your domain isn’t showing up on Dreamhost’s DNS server (that should be instant). Something isn’t setup right.

yerba# rm -rf /etc