Newbie here - What plan should I get?

Hello everyone,

I’m relatively new to the world of web hosting. Have some experience with HTML and CSS, but that’s about it.

Have an idea for a site to do some classified ad type postings. Really have no idea how many users I should expect to have. In the first several weeks, I imagine it would be no more than 1000. Also, not sure of what the daily traffic would be either. Graphic content will be limited to maybe some logo and banner ads. Not too much. No graphics will be allowed in the postings.

I guess the big question I have, besides what plan I should get, is what’s the best way to put this all together?

I’ll need to have each user sign up for their own ID and password. Each user will need to be able to create their own posting, as well as edit and delete capabilities. Also, if they receive a reply to their posting, I’d like the response to be forwarded directly to their e-mail account.

Any good sites online that explain how this is done? Would this be something I would need to use PHP or ASP for?

I’m aware of some software called “”, but don’t really like the layout so much.

If someone could just point in the direction I need to go to get some good answers or ideas, it would be wonderful.

Thanks very much.



Regarding which plan to go with: if you are starting out, I’d say start with the lowest plan–you can always upgrade later if/when necessary.
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I agree with marsbar – get the smallest plan, take it for a test ride. If you find out that you need some feature extra, either get that single feature as an add-on, or upgrade to a bigger plan that has whatever you need.

Remember, there’s a 91-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you risk absolutely nothing by trying except your own time – plus you gain some experience! If you have questions, ask them here in the forums. Lots of members will reply.

Oh, and about what software to use … well, if you’re new to hosting and web publishing, then perhaps you should start out smaller. Your project sounds interesting, but if you want to complete it, you probably need some extra skills. Get together with other people who know about this, and/or research the Internet (Google is your friend!).

Try out DreamHost with a free WebIDPrices, options

A everyone has said, the lowest plan.

As for software, you shuold create your own, but you will need more advanced help creating it. I’m not sure CMS (Content Management Systems) will be able to do what you want.
Maybe a forum system would suffice? People could post a topic and people reply to it?

Contact me at about that programming/logo design and whatnot…

Go with the lowest priced plan - the Crazy Insane one - it should more than take care of you.

If you don’t have much experience with backend coding you should consider one of the CMS’s out there. I’ve been looking into Mambo and it was easy to set up and configure with a large number of add-on modules, including some classified ads.

Here are some links:

There was a problem with the development site over the weekend, so if you have problems connecting to the links, try back later.

I am inclined to agree with decswxaqz that a forum system might suffice here. If you are after a freebie system, you might have trouble finding one that will do everything you want.
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Thank you for all the replies everyone. Appreciate the advise.

Mambo actually looks quite good. While I was searching through their forum, I found someone who had done some extensive mods to fit his particular needs. No reason to think I couldn’t do the same thing for my project.

Thanks again,