Newbie here, trying to set up my blog to my domain

As the title states. has an option where I can buy a domain from dreamhost and set it where it’s my own .com. Excited, I went straight to DH and registered a domain. I then went back to blogspot and put in my shiny new domain in the publishing options. I saved the settings and went to my domain…no connection.

Come to find out, I need to create some sort of CNAME and coordinate the DNS servers to the google based blogger. After a few hours of research I finally went to my DNS advanced settings where it redirected me to the manage domains section. Ok cool…no…my domain isn’t there. So I click on the add domain section and it asks me to buy a host.


Blogspot clearly states that I DO NOT need to buy any hosting and I just need to register a domain. Blogspot basically redirects by blog to my new domain.

Shoulda took some web development classes in college. :frowning:

hi nathang. I saw your post few days ago but did not reply you.

I went to website but did not see the option you mentioned.

However, I think you have to sign up a plan in order to have the free services DH provides like Blog. The installation is automatic and quite simple.

I can tell you that DH is WordPress v2.0.6 I think you can get a free copy from

I can’t provide more information

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DH support may be able to answer your questions better than we can.