Newbie :) Help with domain hosting costs pls

just missed out on a great DH deal… oh well :slight_smile:

just want to clarify that a) it is FREE for additional hosting of domains
b) the only charges are a one off charge for registering a new domain OR transfer/setup of existing domain I want to bring to DH


First of all, you need to pay for your hosting plan.

With your hosting plan, you can host unlimited domains. It is free for additional domains as long as you own them.

To register a new domain in DH, it is 9.99 per year.

It is free to transfer domain to DH.

It is free to host a domain in DH where the domain is registered elsewhere.

thanx :slight_smile:

As I know One Domain is Free with all hosting plan and standard charge for each extra domain is $9.95/year.