Newbie Help Please

Hi, I have no clue if I’m doing things right or not and am hoping that someone can help. I am used to building my pages in frontpage2000 and like it because I can preview my stuff very easily, etc. Anyway, I went and downloaded the free cuteftp and I thought I did it all right but not sure. When I go to the web control panel and click go under FTP, I get a pop up that says:
Windows cannot access this folder. Make sure you typed the file name correctly and that you have permission to access the folder.
The server name or address could not be resolved.

OK, first off, all I did was click on a link that is on the web control panel so I didn’t “type” any address in.
What does this mean?

Next, I’m confused on where to send my pages and images. In the cuteftp program, it shows me on the right side panel the following folders:
and what I transfered in there which was my index.html page and the images that go with it.
Do I need to make a seperate folder named “index”? Then place the index stuff in there?
I’m sure I’ll have more questions, lol. I’m used to just uploading my files and images from frontpage to yahoo.
Thanks in advanced,

Take a look at DH’s support documentation on how to upload files to your site:
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