Newbie FTP Questions

OK so i have started a website and am needing to post some pics and music from my ftp to the site, i am very very new at this and have NO idea what i’m doing. I guess what i’m looking for is a way to post a link so people can download what i’m posting. Thanks

To post an image on your website you need to create a webpage. This webpage can look how ever you would like it to. Even if it is just links.

To start you need a text editor or an html editor, your choice. The html is text only. The filename for the webpage should be index.html or similar. You can find a list of accepable filename on the DH wiki.

The html web page is made up of tags.

The tag you need is:

If you would like to make it clickable it would look like the following:

Optional text for a description can go here

When you log into your ftp account for the first time you should see a folder that matches your domain name. Inside of this folder is where you put the index.html file. This is the page visitors will see when they type in your domain name in their browsers url bar.

Tip: When creating folders and uploading any file, always use lowercase names. This will help prevent problems finding your files. As the folders and filenames are case sensitve.

My website

If you’re looking for the most basic file repository, you don’t even need HTML files. In the domain folder that silkrooster mentioned, you can create a folder for music and one for pictures, and start putting your files in there. Visitors to your site won’t get web pages, but just basic file listings, like in Windows when you View by List. In your browser, you can right click to get the URL of the file, which you can email to people.

A mid-level approach would be to get some website authoring tool, like Dreamweaver (expensive), or Komposer (free).

A more advanced setup would be a more complex web-based package that manages all of your media. You can experiment with Gallery, which is available as a one-click install here. By default, there’s a 7 meg limit to file uploads, but there is a workaround if you’re interested. Gallery can handle multiple media formats, such as JPG, WMV, MOV, MP3, and a bunch more.

I haven’t played around with Zenphoto, but it’s similar and available as an Easy One-Click install, which means that you won’t have to deal with any of the maintenance; just content.