Newbie: Don't want to host registered domain name

Very new to all this and trying to set up a website. I started this process registering and hosting a domain name ( However, I have another domain name registered that I would rather host ( and stop using the first domain name ( altogether. This is all in dreamhost. Is there a way to switch the hosting from the one registered domain name to the other? I tried looking around the board a little bit as to not be a bother but didn’t come across anything that exactly fit this request. Saw something about “mirroring” but wasn’t certain what would happen with the mirror if I would just let the first domain name expire. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

You can have unlimited domain names hosted with your account. So it really does not matter. If you pay yearly you got 1 domain free with the hosting and the next domain names you pay $9.95 (or more depending on .com or other .xxx).
So if you let expire, will become your free domain for the next year.

Got it. I was afraid that I was going to have to pay for a secondary host account for Like I said, I’m really new at this, so I appreciate the input.