Newbie Coder trying to make formmail work


I’m kindof guessing my way through a bunch of this. Anway, I’m trying to setup formmail on a page for my site. Right now I am just testing to see if I can get it to work. Two things seem to bew going wrong: 1)It appears to send the message (it goes to the confirmation screen) but the message never comes to my mail box. 2) It does not redirect to the proper specified page.

Will someone help me out? Assist with troubleshooting this?

As I mentioned, I’m pretty new to this coding, so my code may be a bit messy. The page is not live though, as I have it set aside as I rework everything. This is about the last major part that I have to do.

The URL is: site/contact.htm

Any advice is much appreciated.


check your private messages.

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