Newbie, and patience

hi, new to web’master’ing, and certainly new to DH …

I dont want to bother them again so soon, so I figured Id ask here while I practice some patience …
my first message to tech support already went like this:

[quote]You don’t have permission to access / on this server.
Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."

I would think its that the site is not up yet, you know, the part about waiting two or three days … but I was able to get to the index file within minutes yesterday … and there was something on it that I had just uploaded with the online FTP … it was cool to see it there, in minutes !!"[/i]


and they answered:

I took a look at the document root for your site and noticed that the directory was missing group and other executable permissions, which is required for the webserver to access it (it was drwxrw-r–), I added those permissions (making it drwxrwxr-x) and now it’s working properly.

sure enough, it worked fine…

yesterday I added a new domain (not a subdomain)
that I still cant access via the web … with my ftp client, I can get at it and alter things … but the web isnt returning anything but a “server not found” … (first domain is working fine)

so my two questions … why did my first one show up on the web within minutes, and this one is…? taking over a day? … I know thats the normal warning, but - Im already spoiled by the first … is there something else that I might be missing?

and my second question: I could swear I had the chmod on my first domain set to what they said it wasnt … with r_x on the public parameter … maybe not, but - is there another setting/ folder that I could have missed, and am missing now again?

thanks in advance

How are you adding your domains? Are you adding them from the ControlPanel and are they new domains you have registered at DreamHost?

If your domains are registered at another registrar have you updated the nameservers to point to DreamHosts servers?

Sometime the propagation of a domain can be complete in minutes or sometimes up to 72 hours. It is just one of those things. Sometimes your own ISPs nameservers can come in to play depending on whether they cache them and update them every 24 hours or carry a live DNS service.

When you say you can get at your new domain with your FTP client and alter things, what are you changing? :slight_smile: You would not normally need to mess with the permissions of the web document root but only files within that root.


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I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK!! :@

You act on my advice at your own risk!

ah, thank you much norm -

“…can be complete in minutes or sometimes up to 72 hours. It is just one of those things”

thats what I figured … it is a registration with DH, so as I said, the first one showed up right away, and the second directory a day later, was put into the right “place” no doubt … (right along side the first)

Im wondering if the chmod that I set with my client is registering correctly with the servers? (make sense?) - I set the new permissions to match my first domain, since that one is working fine … help me be sure I understand when you say “web document root” … you mean the directory "’ or ‘’ - yes, I did alter the permissions, temporarily to see what happens (learn by doing?) but then put them back again … if they are all set to rwx, that may risk my security for a minute on the public setting, but if I return it to rwxr_xr_x … that wouldnt hurt anything, correct?

thanks for your response … I intend to go slow here, but when something doesnt show up, you start to wonder …

new page has arrived to my browser … looks like Im in business - thanks - and I will be around again, to be sure :slight_smile: