Newbie and a lil bit Curious

what are the reasons for my acount tobe suspended?
I’m just a lil bit concern about it, what are the reasons or examples that can cause my acount tobe suspended?

And does promo codes have money back garantee? and can i use my paypal acount to pay the plan?

I’m choosing between Dreamhost(DH) or Bluehost(BH).
Can any one prove me a single word or suggestion why choose DH rather than BH… Both of the hosting plan are great. and whats the deference between the two of them.
Please be real. thank you.

It takes some time for new account to be activated.

Yes but only for Google Checkout and Credit Card payment.

Yes you can. But if you read the instructions carefully, paypal payment is not refundable.

I took a quick look at Bluehost. The benefits you will have in DH are:

  1. unlimited mysql database
  2. unlimited email addresses
  3. the server space increases 1GB/week
  4. the bandwidth increases 16BG/week

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It’s all in the Dreamhost Terms of Service.


How long would it take tobe my acount be activated? would it take for weeks?

If I choose Crazy Domain Plan and select 2 years and used a coupon code that gaves me $97 discount. would i pay it one time or i can pay it monthly without price increace?

There are three ways of making payments.

2 Years: all at once. Maximum discount, lowest per price month. Promo codes at full value.

1 Year: all at once. No extra discount but it does eliminate the setup fee. Promo codes at full value.

Monthly: Pay every month - limits the value of most promo codes (something like $50) AND you pay the setup fee to start

You need to pay with credit card or Google Checkout to preserve your 97 day money back guarantee.

Note - if you register a domain at signup, this will NOT be refunded for any reason.

I believe this is pretty correct and hope it helps you decide. Almost every signs up for 1 year as it’s really the cheapest way in, but you get a decent discount per month at the 2 year if you can swing it. Remember you have 97 days to back out if it isn’t for you. Upgrades are VERY simple and you get full credit on your unused balance - UNLESS you go from yearly to monthly - then you pay the setup fee.


Could be right away, or could take a few days. It would depend if you trigger their fraud detection or not.

If you choose 1 or 2 year pre-payment, you pay the full amount when you sign up. If you want to make monthly payments, you would need to choose that–but even a $97 promo code would only save you $50 with that option (think of it as a waived setup fee).

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