Newbie Admin Dealing with Spam, etc

I had planned to use a Dreamhost forum as an easy way to put my engineering portfolio online.

Here is a snapshot of the problem I need to deal with

8000 or so spam posts.

I started out by Banning all the IP’s except my own, as SysAdmin.

I’m going through forum categories & deleting all the spam posts, and then locking the threads.

2 questions -

A. to deal with the forum categories that have 8000 or some huge amount of spam posts, is there a way to select all the posts on a page, so I don’t have to select them one by one ? Like on Yahoo mail, where you can pick whether you want to have 25 or 100 emails viewed, and then when you’re managing spam, you can select a checkbox to delete all 100 posts on that page … Is there anything like that with Dreamhost ?

As it is, I’m thinking I should just archive my initial post in the thread, then delete the thread, re-post, and lock it.

  1. General Lock-down.

How do I implement a generic lockdown ? I have no problem with people posting sincerely with good intent, but that’s not what happened. The only place I advertise my wwSwimming website is at 2 computer graphics forums, and the spammers found out about it from there.

What I would like to do is have people register, and then not be allowed to post until I authorize them. If I get backlogged on the authorizations, so be it.

Third question.

In general, you can see what happened. I put up a bunch of computer graphics & engineering portfolio posts, and then ignorred the website. Someone asked me a question about creating a scaley skin for a reptile, and I had the answer in one of my own threads. When I went to look at it today, I realized that the place had become, as they say, “overgrown with weeds”.

So, how do I clean up my forums ? Thanks in advance for any replies.

I had no idea phpBB forum spam was such a problem. I can’t imagine why people would spend their time posting spam posts - the site gets very little traffic.

UPDATE - I changed permissions to Moderator, which I think will stop new spam from coming in (do I have that part right ?)

I would still like to find out how to delete 20,000 posts without selecting them individually, or deleting the group that they are in.