Newbie account confusion

I’m a long-term Windows user, with only slight knowledge of UNIX, and little prior sends to the web except e-mail. I recently bought a URL and set up an account at Dreamhost, where I am creating my site with Concrete5. I’ve had difficulty logging in and am getting help on that from support. But what I can’t find out is what the spaghetti mess of accounts and passwords actually is. I get that Dreamhost has an account for me (with username and password). Concrete5 seems to be an app with no administrative role, depending on Dreamhost for that. I apparently created a mySQL database. But where? And it apparently has a username and password. Is this set up on my hard drive and administered by Dreamhost? SFTP seems to be another app with a username and login. How many more are there?

In making things simple, they are now so opaque I have trouble even figuring out where to look for solving a problem. I need to be able to guess the organization or app involved (WHY DON’T ALL LOGINS SAY WHAT THIS PASSWORD LOGS YOU INTO?). I need to be able to determine which username this organization or app has on record, and which password, and what the e-mail address is for sending new passwords and verifying accounts. In other words, why have developers made it all so hard for a user?

I hear your pain! Sometimes things are just too complicated for things that seem simple, like a website.

Unfortunately a website is not that simple when you go a little deeper. Let’s see if I can help you out:

  • you have one master account for DreamHost
  • since you have one domain, you have one account to transfer files
  • for Concrete5 you need a database, which will have accounts and passwords

The password for the database is set when you create the database. Check the documentation or you can change it later following the instructions.

I lost you here… what organization are you talking about?

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