Newbie ? About Extracting ZIP without file manager


Just moving my site here and I am used to cPanel with a File Manager. I have not yet moved my DNS, so I created a mirror to test my site. I used gFTP to upload my site, but now I have a zip file that I need to extract and I don’t know how. I read that you have to use shell or SSH? (I do not know anything about shell, but I have used terminal to enter commands before.) I gave my user SFTP access. I tried to login using gFTP and SSH2 but I get this message:

The authenticity of host ‘ (##.###.##.##)’ can’t be established.
RSA key fingerprint is #:##:##:##:::#:##:#:#:#:##:#:**:##:##.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?

I do not know anything about RSA keys. How do I know if I want to continue connecting? Where does this RSA key come from?

(I replaced the actual letters/numbers in key and IP address)

Sorry for the stupid questions. I am trying to learn how to do this. Any guidance on how to extract a ZIP file would be much appreciated. Thanks.


The short answer is just say Yes at the prompt. You will always get the prompt the first time you connect, but should not thereafter. Once you have connected the RSA key will be stored on your local system and compared every time you connect in the future, it’s a security check to make sure you’re not getting hi-jacked to a different server.


Thanks, LakeRat, for your time. Maybe this is a dumb question, but how would I know if I was getting hi-jacked to a different server? Is the key supposed to mean something to me – the first time, I mean?


You really can’t tell, Dreamhost doesn’t list them for each server anyplace. If you perhaps rented a dedicated server for your company etc, and their was a high security need, then when you distributed new credentials etc to a user etc, you might also distribute the RSA key for the server and/or install it on your local machines so that the server would be known.


Interesting. Well, I clicked to continue and was logged in with no problem using SSH2. Yay! Except…I guess I was wrong in thinking I would have a right click option to extract the zip file. Would you mind sparing a few minutes of your time to walk me through the process of extracting a zip file? Is there a Linux program better than gFTP with more options? Or is this a security thing? I have honestly searched to forum in an attempt to find the answer myself, but I am afraid I am in over my head. I am prepared to learn shell commands if I need to, it just makes me nervous without a visual. Thanks, again, LakeRat.


I’m not familiar with gFTP at all, but the command to unzip is “unzip” (remember that case is important and are two different files. There are many command line options for unzip but in it’s basic form it will unzip the contents to the current directory,preserving any sub-directories that are stored within the zip.

Since I can’t actually see how gFTP is working the trick is making sure that you are issuing your command in the same directory the file is in.


If you are using gFTP then you probably have Nautilus on your Linux desktop environment right? Just connect to to the server using naulius if you want full-featured “righ-click” capabilities…


Thanks again, LakeRat.

@nacnud1 - I had no idea you could do that in Nautilus. Thanks for the tip. Do you know if there are any security issues in working through a desktop file manager as opposed to an FTP program?


Nope, it uses the same OpenSSH RSA keys. If you are using a version of Gnome that’s at least 4 years old it will work. You just go to Connect to server in Nautilus and select SSH.