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This will sound stupid but here it goes, How do you upload files with the panel?

I just signed up and since this is only my second year on the web, plus I was useing Cpanel for that whole time, I don’t know my way around DreamHosts Panel.

Can anyone tell me how to do somethings? Anything would help, I just need to get the hang of it a bit and I will be find to learn the rest on my own.


See this Wiki entry for help on uploading your files.

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So I am guessing there is no just click “Browse” and then “Upload” huh?

Dam, Which means I can’t use the school computers to update when I get bored.

So in the end it’s all FTP uploading then?


Pretty much FTP, or you can upload using ssh. Someone else may have other suggestions but thats all I use.

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what’s ssh?


Maybe you can create your own uploading functionality? A web applications that lets you update files to your own account. I’m not sure though…

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Martin is correct :slight_smile: you can install your own script. Something here should help you out. The ads that are displayed in yellow are sponsored (means you have to pay for them) so pick one of the ones that aren’t highlighted.

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There is a way you can use your web browser for FTPing files from your local computer to your webspace.

If you go to Domains > Manage Domains, you will see “FTP” by the name of your domain.

Click on it and you will be prompted for your FTP password. Once you’re logged in, it will be like you have a folder opened up on your desktop. You can then drag and drop into that folder from other open folders on your computer.

I have done this in the past using Internet Explorer (not my usual browser) and it seems a little slow, but it works.

Good luck.