Newb with a few questions (HTML & PSD)


I am kind of new to web developing & design so please dont butcher me for all the newb questions. I am currently on the verge of developing a website. I hired an art director and he designed the overall layout of the website and sent me the PSD file.

Now, How do I upload the PSD file to dreamhost?

And, How or where do I write the HTML for it on dreamhost? (I know a little HTML and I am still learning)


a psd file is not something you want to upload to dreamhost. it is something used by photoshop (or another image editor that is compatible). if you don’t know a whole lot i seriously doubt you are going to be capable of turning that psd file into a working website. there is a very real chance you have just wasted your money.

i am going to give you some advice free of charge. this is something i have said on the forums here (and elsewhere) many times. do not go reinventing the wheel. if you are actually paying for hosting and you eventually want your efforts to have monetary gain, take the path of least resistance. get yourself a good content management system to have your work ‘out there’ as quickly as possible. THEN deal with getting your site to have a more custom look and feel. while my personal preference is drupal, that is not for the faint of heart (definitely not for the newbie web developer who needs to push out some content quickly). the best thing you can do for yourself is to do the one-click install of wordpress and then go to or somewhere that has free wordpress themes. get a good theme that you like or one that looks similar to whatever overall format your psd file looks like and then you can work on editing the theme you got to look like you want (preferably on a sub-domain or locally and not on your live production site until you are sure its ready for prime time).

learning about html, css, php and mysql is going to take time. having a cms like drupal or wordpress is an efficient way to have your site out there while you are still learning the ropes.