Newb questions:


Alright, i have searched using the forums search feature and see alot of posts similar to what im asking, but i cant seem to find the answer or make it work.

I have a very basic website built using concrete 5 and phpBB, i want to go ahead and get this basic site published as it is functional, but that is where i am stuck. I have clicked publish in concrete 5, and then i go to Dreamhost WebFTP, and i am totally lost as to what to do to make my webpage work once i am in the FTP program. i am a total newb at this, and any help would be much appreciated!


i don’t have concrete5 installed anywhere to go look at right now. but what makes you think your site is not published?


When u attempt to go to it doesnt work XD not sure what im doing wrong, i have a basic website when im in concrete 5 but just trying to go to the site as a basic viewer doesnt seem to work


something appears to be wrong, i’ll have to let someone with more concret5 knowledge help you… those are error messages more than an unpublished site.


also, i have deleted the index.html file that the page this link takes u too refers too, so not sure…


the error messages indicate problems with an index.php not an index.html

Generally you shouldn’t delete a file unless it was a temp file you put there for a splash page or something.