Newb Question

Firstly I would like to say hi. I am new to Dreamhost and this is my first post in the forums which seem to have a great deal of information in them.

My questions is that I currently have a Happy Hosting account with unlimited disc space and unlimited bandwidth.

I took this out to host one small website.

I may have misread this totally but it seems other people are able to host more than one site under one hosting account, so could I do the same ? If I can, how would I set it up so it knows it is a different site.

Thanks for any help I may receive in answering my question.



Yes you can host any number of domains. You will need to register a new domain somewhere. The easiest is to do so through DreamHost. If you register through another domain registrar, you will need to point the domain to Dreamhost’s name servers.

Either way you need to add the domain to your account for hosting.
Go to:

Thanks monjo for the quick response. Is there any downside to hosting multiple domains/sites on one account. Would it slow at all with visitors viewing different sites under one account? I don’t know how that works. I was originally going to buy a new hosting account for a second site until I read this somewhere.


No, all your sites are on shared servers, so there won’t be any slowdown because your account has many sites. Performance is limited by the performance of the shared servers and the speed of connection to the servers.

Arguably if you’re on a shared server with a high traffic web site also on it, performance will be affected on all other sites on the shared server. Dreamhost is quite good at monitoring this, and the servers now are much faster and more reliable than 2 years ago. 2-3 years ago a lot of customers complained about downtime and slow web site speeds. I haven’t seen any such chat on this forum for a long time now.

Ultimately you aren’t going to want to run a major commercial web site from a shared server, but for most web sites with a few hundred users a day/month, shared services are easily sufficient.

You have been extremely helpful, thank you for all of your quick responses in answering my questions.