Newb needs help, 404 error


So I’m brand new to all this so I am not really sure where the error is at.

I bought the domain from google, the partner I chose was Enom. As far as I can tell I followed all the steps from their email to get it setup.

I came to dreamhost for hosting. I want to do a wordpress blog. I don’t have a previous one I need to transfer over or anything. I did the 1 click install that dreamhost offers. I got the email saying that wordpress was successfully installed and tried clicking the link to create an admin user, but that link and the regular domain just come up with a 404 error when I click it.

Am I missing a step? Did I do something wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



You need to point the nameservers at your registrar (google/enom) to dreamhost:, ns2, ns3


Hope these help