Newb here, plz help!

K so i got my hosting all activated and everything, and im on the server i can login with user name and pw for ftp fine and upload fine, but where the hell are my files? i goto firefox to goto the website i see nothing, I havnt transffered my dns over yet for my domani, but im not gona do that yet, there should be a ip or somthing like …SO i can can view my files on the internet before my domain transfers come through, i tryed

and but neither are working, so where is my files at once i upload them?

Try ‘

Dreamhost uses virtual hosts, which means that you must use a domain name like ‘’ to access it, accessing it by ip address or the servers real name will not work.

Read your web panel under domains, it should list your site as ‘’, click on the link. your site should be there.

Unfortunatly, there’s no automatic way to access your domains at dreamhost before you switch the DNS over. However all you need to do is set up a mirror of your domain, then you can access it. See this Wiki Article for help. (and no, it won’t mirror your existing domain, but the data you have for the domain here at dreamhost.)