Newb email

i’ve read a little of the wiki, and have gotten pop email delivery to work just fine, but i have to use the m####### as a username instead of to get anything to work.

does this go away after 24 hours, is this a new bug, or is this just how things are for now? the wiki shows you how to set up clients this way, but then says it’s the old way and indicates you can use the now.

second question: is there a way for users (not admins) to change their own email passwords? i haven’t seen a way to do it with the webmail client, but i may be blind.


Strange, the full email address should work fine. As far as I know, the m####### logins are no longer required for POP3.

Yes, your email users can administer their own accounts by logging into


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The same thing is happening to me tonight.

I set up several new email addresses tonight. Most of them are working fine using as the username. However, one account is requiring the m#### as the username. Otherwise it just doesn’t validate the username and password.

There’s 2 differences… first is that it’s a .net instead of a .com, but that shouldn’t matter. Second is that this account is on a dreamhost account that was just set up a few hours ago. Where the other email accounts I set up tonight were on an established hosting account.