New WP site crazy-slow

My newest WordPress site is being ridiculously slow – one to two minutes to load, and the same for going from one page to another.

I just began hosting the domain with DreamHost a couple of days ago. I am still in process of building the WP site, so it’s a work in progress. Testing and reviewing my work is frustrating due to the slow load time, and of course none of my future users would ever stick around if it remains this slow.

Is there something I might have done in setting up hosting that would account for this? I should note that a subdomain I created off of it has the same problem.

I have a number of other domains hosted with DreamHost, including some on the same server as this one, and they all load fast. This is what makes me wonder if there’s something glitchy I did in setting up hosting, or in my WP installation. I don’t really think it could be the latter, though, because I’ve barely begun work on the subdomain’s WP site – it’s still mostly a bare-bones, out-of-the-box TwentyThirteen installation at this point.

Just one of your domains? But all the others are okay? How weird. I pulled up your most recently created domain (result…) and it did take a long time to load for me, but it was fast for a coworker. It’s totally inconsistent for us! Sometimes it loads and sometimes not. I would try, for a lark, turning OFF PageSpeed. Many times it’s great, but sometimes it just is not happy with you.

That said, I looked at your franceah… site and it redirected me to sears? it has a file called goto.php which is … not something I would ever want to see in a WP site. You may want to put in a request for a hacked site scan. The file is named scan.php on ereader… and so on :confused: Yeah, I think you have a separate issue. Put in a ticket please.

Thanks. I will try turning off PageSpeed (though that seems counter-intuitive!).

As for the other sites you mention, I will check them, but they are probably OK. I recently put the domains up for sale on Sedo and also parked them there. So the files you are seeing probably have something to do with them being redirected.

UPDATE: I went into my account and unchecked Page Speed Optimization. In my preliminary tests, the site runs great now! Who would have thought it?

Yeah, I wish I knew why sometimes it was an absolute dink and other times it was a hero :frowning: