New WordPress hosting for old blogs



I have an established WordPress installation on DreamHost. This new option to have DH manage the software is very attractive. Can I migrate my current blog to the new structure somehow?

How about themes? I have a custom theme–is that handled somehow?



You should be able to import your database without any problems.

Theme importation would depend on if it is a true template as opposed to something that includes hardcoded changes to the original structure. You can get more info on themes here:


My theme is a standard third-party theme that’s installed through the WP admin interface. But all themes as I understand it are PHP code (emphasis on code), not something in my database. So I was wondering just how it would work. I guess I could just set up a new blog and see how things are put together.

I’m also concerned about plug-ins. My blog would be unusable without some kind of anti-spam. I use Akismet which has so far blocked over 50,000 spam comments.



Hoooooly… that’s a nice statistic for Akismet!

If you have time to setup a testbed that would definitely be your best course of action.