New Wiki - Outages@DreamHost

For collecting outage reports and stuff.

A wiki ?
well don’t forget to edit posts when outage is ended also :wink:

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Yeah, I thought a wiki was a strange choice too. Surely some sort of blog would have been a better choice?


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Can a blog organize with more people than one? Can it easy list outages by server, and cross links? Oh well was just an idea to try.

I think serves its purpose, plus it has the advantage of being official.

If you look at the comments there and in the blog, I’d imagine those would end up being posts in the Wiki as claimed outages. I think it would just turn into a mess unless it’s heavily moderated… which will then get people calling you a “DH fanboy” trying to hide the truth.

The one problem with individuals reporting outages is that A LOT of people have trouble telling the difference between a Dreamhost outage and:

  • A problem with their ISP.
  • A network problem between them and Dreamhost.
  • A misconfigured script causing problems.
  • An error from a botched .htaccess file.
  • A browser screwing up.
  • An incorrect mail client setting.
  • The fact that they uploaded their site to /home/user, instead of /home/user/
  • Etc… etc… etc…

My guess is that it would end up looking like a “Dreamhost sucks” site, even though it’s not the intended purpose of it.

The other problem would be that unless you have a system in place to verify the beginning and end of every outage, it could end up being a lot of work to basically just say, “shared hosts will have downtime, so the more servers a host has, the more downtime there will be.”

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All good points. I really hadn’t thought too much about the collaborative benefits of a wiki based system, my mind was fixed (for whatever reason) on a dreamhoststatus type system, which I can now see would require an enormous amount of effort from a few for the benefit of the many.

I have also replied in your other thread. I think I will confine my posts to that thread in future, as keeping track of the two threads is kinda confusing :slight_smile:


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There is a perception that is not 100% reflective of the user’s perception of the status of machines. Fanta’s had a couple spots of trouble as has franc but there are no mentions of it on dreamhoststatus. I’m pretty sure that this was started in response to this frustration.


There are, quite literally, hundreds of servers. If posted information about every single outage, the site would become completely unusable. I am sure that DreamHost probably ranks outages by certain criteria, and only posts about those which are deemed significant in some way. Would it be worth posting about outages that:

a. Lasted just a couple of minutes, such as many reboots?
b. Affected only a tiny number of customers?
c. Only resulted in slightly sluggish, rather than non-existent services?

Many “outages” turn out to be nothing of the kind, due to customers having no clue how the internet works, it often seems.

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I would have to say that actual status is more important than perceived status.

Here is an example of how useless perceived status is.

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Yes, but unofficial is interesting.

Yes. May be too philosophical, but perception is everything. :slight_smile:

A couple minutes here and there adds to 0.1 to 1% (too high) availability loss if too often.

Does not matter how tiny number if you are one of them.

Sluggish == Outage, if too sluggish.

True, but independent of report format.

It doesn’t matter how many times you attempt to justify it, this idea is simply not going to work. Few people, if any, are going to be bothered with maintaining a non-official site for DreamHost outages when a perfectly good site already exists that doesn’t require any effort. Everything you post on that wiki will be out-of-date within hours - sometimes minutes.

Furthermore, you are essentially encouraging people to go to your wiki to report outages, instead of going to the Control Panel like they are supposed to. This could result in outages not being properly reported, which may result in those outages going on for much longer than necessary. You are simply adding to the inconvenience and/or confusion.

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Maybe when it’s offering something new, but at the end of the day, when the inaccuracies are removed, you should be left with exactly what’s already at the official status site.

In this case, perception is nothing more than being wrong.

The reason it matters is because when only a few customers out of thousands are affected, it’s often because of a problem that has nothing to do with Dreamhost. If I fail to update a script and it gets hacked–that’s not DH getting hacked. But many people think that it is and wrongly claim it as something it’s not.

I don’t think redefining words is the way to go if you’re trying to offer accuracy. That makes it sound like the goal is to simply list more problems than DH does, which will probably lead to people questioning motives.

What if the sluggishness is because the person needs to reboot their DSL modem, or because there’s a network problem between them and here?

Not a DH problem… and there has already been a post today claiming a user firewall problem as a downed server.

If the sluggishness is truly related to a DH server, then it ends up on the status site anyway, often in the form of a memory-upgrade notice.

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Isn’t end of the day a 20th century expression in 21st century 24/7 world? Should is theory, but status site seems to list mainly big problems. “Single Server” is short list and has “multiple server” problems.

Agree, but “moving forward” collecting lists of reports by server makes more clear versus perception of posts in this forum. No place now shows summaries. Takes too long to search forum and status site does not give either.

True, but when my server load goes so high command response gets slow, and server reboots every couple days, DreamHost knows something is wrong, but no “We’re working on it” shows on status? Can be another customer script problem, but for me that is DreamHost problem.

Motives: Because one-click is there, use it. Experiment with wiki. This forum was down before when my sites were up. Alternative location and format.

Shows how blazing cool DreamHost is - not only host it, but even let links to it from here, and from their wiki.

With underwhelming participation, gives equal wrong perception of few problems.

Final, increases Josh confidence in Messiah complex because everybody goes only where he sends them. :slight_smile:

Thanks for considering it.


Go ahead and waste your time doing this if you wish, but I can tell you right now that all you will end up with is a “DH sucks” wiki with a small amount of inaccurate and out-of-date information that nobody will visit more than once. The combination of this forum,, the Control Panel, and the DreamHost Wiki is more than adequate.

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It seems like a waste of time. I agree wholeheartedly that it will end up as a DH Sucks wiki…and the bulk of your users will be the same spammers that post on trying to boast other hosting providers. I think the only two places DH users should post server issues is to Official DH Support through the panel, and to other DH users here in the Official Dreamhost Discussion Forum. It is also my opinion that DH should remove the comments ability by users in the section…and get rid of the chat room.

But, if you are so bent on making your outages wiki, then it’s your right. Good luck.

I agree whole-heartedly with the idea of getting rid of the worthless comments on, and I’ve never used the “chatroom” (though I have found the #dreamhost channel on IRC to be useful).


I can’t tell if you’re being a troll, or if you’re just stupid, but you have not said one intelligent thing, or made a single valid point since you’ve been here.

Are you expecting us to applaud your stupid idea, just because you don’t get how stupid it is? Because you certainly hate hearing anything that resembles facts or common sense.

Back to the never-ending process of pointing out how you have absolutely nothing of value to offer anyone…

I used “should” based on the assumption that intelligent people would come babysit you and your inaccurate site. But in reality, it has zero potential because no one except for you has any interest in it.

The most your site could ever be is an overflow of the trash that ends up in user comments. Again, zero value.

So, your problem is that Dreamhost lists their problems for the public, but it’s not enough to make them look bad, so you simply want to see more problems listed. Wow… not only were you unoriginal with a status site idea, but you’re unoriginal with the “dreamhost sucks” idea as well.

What you would add to a single-server list aren’t DH problems. That’s why they’re not listed on the status site.

Again, you offer absolutely nothing that has any value to anyone.

Perception of posts on this forum? When something needs to be cleared up in a thread, try reading the rest of the posts and you’ll see that it probably has been.

There is nothing in this world that a bunch of inaccurate info thrown into a zero-traffic wiki will ever clear up.

And that’s why the rest of us don’t want a moron deciding what counts as a Dreamhost problem and what doesn’t.

Here’s a free tip: If you don’t want to be affected by other users, get a dedicated server. Everyone already knows that in a shared environment, you will be affected by other users. That is NOT newsworthy.

Crack and heroin are also out there, but it doesn’t mean anything good will come from experimenting with them.

Even with something as simple as one-click, you were too stupid to make the right choice, as Wordpress would have worked better. I’m surprised you didn’t go with Gallery.

Notice that where ever there’s a link, there’s someone calling your idea stupid.

Zero content and nothing of value for Dreamhost or it’s customers. That’s called wiki-spamming, idiot.

No one is considering it. Everyone except for you thinks your idea is stupid.

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You should realize that any “benefit of the doubt” or “hey, if you think it’s a good idea you should do it no matter what anyone thinks” attitudes I (and others) have expressed toward your idea here are not meant to encourage you to spam the Dreamhost Wiki with a “sham” article designed only to drive traffic to your new “toy”.

Nobody said anything here about your “double” posting the links to your site in multiple threads on multiple forums (I’m trying to “control” those comments, as many here think that is overly harsh on “newbies” who don’t know better :wink: ), but enough is enough.

You are about to get an education about how wikis really work (and why, at times, they don’t work well) as a result of deciding to blather on about this on the Dreamhost Wiki. I’ll guarantee you your spam will not be tolerated there.

If you want to run your wiki, you should do that without trying to paste links to it in every available forum you can find.That is “spamming”, and is a violation of the Dreamhost TOS - Keep doing that, and you are likely to get “spanked” by Dreamhost.


Fortunate for me, I know this is your patented response, after a couple rounds of polite discussion.

I see from you this is true; good I can learn from your experience.

Thanks for self-controlling. Double-post is crime. Sorry me.

Toys are fun, yes? Buy more tomorrow on sale.

Exaggeration, no? How would you spread the word a little among DreamHost “Community” users to find out if interested in something new about DreamHost?

Next time, I ask permission before experimenting. Community here is stuck in ways, very hostile, and, what would Josh say :slight_smile: (same page, different link)