New Whois Privacy Feature


Just noticed in the Plan Comparison table that DreamHost now offer a free Whois Privacy Feature.

More info in the Control Panel and in the Unofficial DreamHost Blog: DreamHost Domain Whois Privacy.

Unofficial DreamHost Blog
Unofficial DreamHost Knowledge Base


That’s cool.

Also, I love how they link to the wiki for more information with out actually bothering to put something there.



Sweet. I just used the panel to change one. So far so good.


It’s about time in my opinion, saves registering my domains elsewhere now just to get whois privacy.

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Maybe I have set this up wrong but this does not appear to be working correctly, I did a search (over the past 3 days) at and the info provided by is my current registration info, am I missing something?


How long ago did you change your info?


I just submitted mine and it worked immediately.


I made the error of not including a forward e-mail addy I think, it sort of implies this would be automatic, anyway I just updated it and it’s now gone live, like you almost immediately… :slight_smile:


Finally… it’s about time I want to hide my identity…
but they make it FREE to USE :smiley:

I can change it to whatever I like…



I noticed this feature does not work completely. For domains I registered recently with dreamhost it is fine. For domains I transferred a year ago it only works to change the registrar. I am still listed as the registrant, administrative, technical and billing contacts.
To check your sites thourougly you need to search on the network solutions site at

Other whois sites usually only show the registrar, so you may think it is private when it is not.

I have emailed dreamhost for a solution and have not yet had any success - they say it is private when it is not. I have pointed them to the NS whois site and am awaiting another response. I will post an update when I hear back.

I do like dreamhost in any case - they have been great.


Ok, it has been taken care of by DreamHost. It had to be done through their customer support, not online, but they did it quickly and kept me notified of their progress.
DreamHost rocks.