New website with google gmail

I have a site hosted by a different company. I want to close that and have a WP site hosted by Dreamhost. (I have researched that and I’m pretty confident I will know how to do that!) My present site is set up with Google gmail. Will I have to do anything with that setup when adding the new domain to DH?


I don’t think so. You will need to update the MX record in DH to point to Google gmail again.

Actually, I may have a more complicated situation but I may be able to resolve it the same way I did with my present hosting co.

I have about 12 emails but only 4 of us are on gmail. I had to create a subdomain and use those MX records to point to google and then have the 4 emails forwarded. I imagine I can just do the same thing here at DH?

Will there be any loss of email service when doing the domain transfer for the regular emails as well as the gmail emails?